Come join us for a little preview.  


On Sunday, February 17, the video for Temptress will premiere at the Alamo Drafthouse, in “Dangerous Women: A Night Of Noir”.

“Dangerous Women” will feature the Noir films of Timothy Harvey, including the “Last Call” Trilogy, and “Butterfly Dreams”, written by Michael Loftus, along with Todd Norris’ “Candy Apple Red” and Patrick Rea’s "Time’s Up, Eve". and will build to the screening of IAMEVE’s first video, "Throw Me A Line", and the Premiere of the new video, "Temptress", directed and edited by Timothy Harvey, and shot by Todd Norris.

“Temptress” stars Eve Ami, Bryce Young, Jason Miller and Jason Nivens and is set in the sensual world of Film Noir, a world of nightclub chanteuses, detectives, murder and love.


Perhaps a surprise performance will occur………. :)

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